SEFF on the road

For a few years now films awarded at SEFF have been presented by our German festival partner as part of SEFF on the Road.


  • FiSH one of the most important film events for young German filmmakers. The core of the festival is the Germany-wide competition JUNGER FILM, which shows the best short films from young talents under 27 years of age. The films will be publicly discussed by directors and other film experts in front of the audience. This adds a lot to the special flavour of FiSH. In addition, the festival program includes films, music videos, and documentaries from Germany and the Baltic region.
  • polenmARkT - The annual polenmARkT program is both classic and alternative.  Polish culture is presented in various forms, diversified in their character – because Poland is colourful, fantastic, and often surprisingly different. Everyone is invited, regardless of their fields of interest or age. Anyone can search through the marketplace of Polish culture. And what awaits the viewers is encounters with fairy-tales, meetings with authors, panel discussions, exhibitions, films of various genres, artistic workshops, cultural soirees, informative meetings concerning higher education in Poland, scientific lectures, concerts, and parties. 

  • DEKRA Hochschule für Medien, University of Applied Sciences is a private Berlin university offering Bachelor programmes in Media Management, Journalism, and Television and Film Studies. The school expects a high-quality work ethic, engagement, and extra-curricular activities from students and faculty to facilitate the development of individual potential and talents. The school's partner's are institutes of science, non-government organisations, film studios, TV and radio stations, and publishing houses.

  • The Stargard’s Friends Society was established in 2000. It functions in many areas – it runs the Tourist Information Centre, it publishes books on Stargard and the Stargard area, as well as folders, maps, and postcards. It endeavours for legal protection of the Krąpiel Valley. For 16 years it fought for changing the official city name to Stargard, which ended successfully on January 1st 2016. In their office, located inside the Gothic Basement of the Stargard’s Friends Society within the town hall underground, they organise concerts, performances, cabaret presentations, evenings with poetry, film screenings.

  • Młodzieżowy Ośrodek Socjoterapii Ryszewko - Created in 2014 a private, 24/7 access care and nurture institution in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Pyrzyce municipality. It consists of a boarding school and a primary school. The Centre organises plenty of activities from the scope of psychological and pedagogical help, i.a. sociotherapy, art therapy, outdoor education, and extra-curricular classes. MOS creates an opportunity for children to change, learn about themselves as well as provides help in their future, adult life. 

  • Słubicki Miejski Ośrodek Kultury - Municipal cultural institution, which roots date back to 1957, when the District Community Centre in Słubice was established. After years of transformations and days of splendor in the PRL period, it started to function as the Municipal Cultural Centre in Słubice. It is often called SMOK from the Polish shortening (English: dragon).

  • Löcknitz-Penkun Prevention Council has the pleasure of inviting everybody to participate in the events of the Intercultural Week. What makes it special is the fact that for the first time in Löcknitz-Penkun municipality we have a week-long programme filled with various events and initiatives for children, youth and adults. Members of Amt Löcknitz-Penkun Prevention Council, citizens’ initiatives and institutions have prepared plenty of interesting activities as part of the Intercultural Week 2019.

    SEFF on the Road - June:

    Festival in StadtHafen, Rostock, Barnstorfer Weg 4, 28.04.2019

    Youth Sociotherapy Centre, Ryszewko 44, 13.06.2019


    SEFF on the Road - October:

    Constanze Uffmann w Regionale Schule Löcknitz, 26.09.2019

    Youth Sociotherapy Centre, Ryszewko 44, 23.10.2019

    The Basement of the Stargard's Friends Society, Stargard - Rynek Staromiejski 4, 16.11.2019

    polenmARkT, Greifswald - Slawistikkeller „Tschajka“, Domstr. 9/10, Hinterhof, 22.11.2019